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Delivering Japanese Quality to People around the World

Welcome to a back-stage tour of the reliable craftsmanship underway at Tescom Denki Matsumoto Factory.


This is the Matsumoto Factory in Nagano Prefecture, where we develop and manufacture Tescom products. Here, we handle domestic products as well as those for overseas markets, so strict standards of quality control are in place.

Since we first established a factory here in 1966, we have been hard at work with the area’s residents, manufacturing beauty products to help “Create Your Beauty” and cookware.

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What does the word beauty mean to you?
Is it external beauty that positively sparkles?

In the Tescom Group, our goal is to bring you beauty that radiates from inside out..We have been growing as a Japanese manufacturer of beauty and cooking appliances since our founding in 1965.

These days, negative ion hair dryers are commonplace, but we ahead of this curve, manufacturing a hair dryer with this feature built in in 1992. This altered what people expected of a hair dryer. Our Nobby line has been the preferred dryer of professional salons for many years. We set our sights on manufacture geared toward partnership with professionals right from its initial conception, achieving ease of use, durability and stability that have made Nobby the dryer used at about 70%(*1) professional beauty salons. To us, 70% is not merely a number, but proof of the trust placed in us by our customers.

We started off manufacturing beauty appliances, but utilized our rotation and heat technologies to break into cooking appliance market in 1982. We have had the largest volume of blender sales for 14 years running (as of 2018 *2), and building on customer trust, we debuted the world’s first vacuum blender in 2013 through a combination of our vacuum technology and the concept of brining better flavor and freshness to our customers. This juicer for home use has become a popular choice of culinary professionals, as well.

Our goal is to help you achieve beauty that radiates from inside out. We are here to help you achieve your own personal definition of beauty, whether that be at a professional salon or at home in your day-to-day life.

*1. According to a study by Japan Research Consultants Co., Ltd., June – July, 2017.
*2. According to a study by GfK Japan totaling yearly (Jan. – Dec.) sales performance at major household appliance stores from 2005 – 2018.

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~ The craftsmanship of Tescom Denki Matsumoto Factory ~

We’d like to take you on a back-stage tour of manufacturing processes to support the craft of Tescom products that are underway at the Matsumoto Factory.

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